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I'm glad you reached out. This form allows me to get to know you and your hair goals. Based on your answers, I'll recommend what service to book. You can expect to hear back from me within 24 hours.


If you have any questions or need support please email us at

What pronouns should I use?
What is your preferred method of communiction?

Please take and upload the following photos of your current hair. 

  • Front

  • Side

  • Back

Upload Files Here

Upload inspiration pictures for haircuts and color. Three for cuts and three for color is ideal. You can upload up to ten photos, if you wish!

Upload Files Here

Diameter refers to the thickness of your individual hair strand.  

Density is about how much hair is on your head. For example, you can have a fine diameter of hair, but a lot of it.

Select the options that best describe your hair.
What can I help you with?
Select any scalp issues you have been dealing

Thanks for submitting! 

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